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One World Roleplay profiles are fictional. Users portray the role of a character writing and acting in unscripted situations.
The quality of roleplaying in our online community is similar to improvisational theater and is second to none.
Some popular roleplaying genres are Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Anime, Vampires, and characters from Books, Television and Movies.
Thank you for choosing One World Roleplay.


For years we have enjoyed being the place you come to for creative writing and role play, unfortunately, we are
about to lose our contract and won't be renewing due to lack of interest in our site.
We will be closing down for good in February of 2014If you have any pictures, blog stories, profile layouts, etc., you wish to copy and save, please try to do so before February 2014.
{{After that time the site will no longer be accessible}}
The admins here on OneWorldRolePlay are saddened to see our site end, and we will miss the friends we've made here. We recommend as an alternative RolePlay site. Thank you for using OneWorldRolePlay

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One World Roleplay will always be 100% free for all users. The revenue made from our sponsors is put into keeping us up and running. We hope our roleplay community will continue to be your first choice for countless hours of fun. :D